John Bucklin
Painting is my life’s purpose; it’s where I find joy and peace. When I feel the creative flow and energy going through my work, I have the experience of being whole. It is the language I am most comfortable using to express who I am; I speak with my brushstrokes.
In my ocean wavescapes, I strive to capture the mystery and power of the ocean, the complexity of its currents and riptides. In my landscapes, I hope to recreate the incredible beauty I find in the natural world- a constant source of inspiration for me. I am also drawn to finding beauty in the simplicity of ordinary objects: an avocado, pair of red cowboy boots, straw hat.
Color, patterns, lines, shape and movement play a part in my creations, all of which I hope convey some aspect of beauty in our world.
For me, painting- creating a surface with the intent to instill meaning- is all about language and beauty, and the way I express the joy of being an artist.